What should I expect?
So you booked your photo session! Now what? Don’t worry, I am here to guide you through the entire process. Prior to your photo shoot, we will have a consultation to work out all the details and to make sure that all your questions have been answered. I will meet you at your location and from there the fun will begin!


Eeek! What should I wear?
The dreaded question…. what to wear? This is an important consideration. First, you must stay true to who you are. Be comfortable. I encourage you to pick a color palette and then coordinate from there. Think textures, layers, hats and jewelry! I suggest you see my Pinterest board, where I have plenty of examples.


What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately, I can’t control Mother Nature. However, if weather conditions are not favorable due to heavy rain or high wind we will reschedule your session.


Do you have a studio?
I’m not a studio photographer. I like to think of the great outdoors as my studio! All my sessions take place on location – I travel to you and we take pictures either at your home or out and about, whichever you prefer. I sometimes combine some pictures at home with images taken at your favorite place – such as the park, the beach, or the woods. As long as there are no restrictions on photography, I’m happy to take pictures pretty much anywhere.


Is there a perfect time of day for my photos?
There is indeed! We photographers call it the magic hour. It’s the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer compared to when the sun is higher in the sky.


How long will a session take?
That depends on the shoot you have booked.


What if I need to reschedule?
No problem! I know that crazy things happen at the most unexpected time. Please try to contact me at least 24 hours in advance in the event that you need to reschedule.


Are you able to remove imperfections or wrinkles from my images?
I will do minor retouches to cover blemishes or scars. However, I believe that we are all beautiful and like to keep my images as natural as possible.


Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes, I do request that all clients sign a contract to cover both parties.


Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes please. In order to secure your session date I do require a deposit. This is a non-refundable fee.


Do you travel?
Yes I travel and will charge extra for travel expenses.


How long will it take before I can see my images?
I know that you are anxious to see your images. Your images will the ready for viewing within two weeks. I will however, give you a little sneak peak within a couple of days of the shoot.


How many images do I get?
Again, this depends on the package you have chosen.  Your images will all stand alone as beautiful images in their own right, but also tell a wonderful story of your day when viewed together.


Can I bring a friend along?
Sure! I encourage doing anything that helps to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during our session.


What types of payments do you accept?
I accept cash, eft and paypal.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered, kindly contact me


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